How To Begin Your First eBay Dropshipping Business Online

It can be a nerve-wracking experience to start your first dropshipping business on eBay, but rest assured that the process is a very simple on and it is not as hard as you think.

In this post I will give you the 3 crucial steps to starting your first ecommerce business via eBay:

1.) Start An eBay account

This is easiest of all the steps and I recommend you do it now. Just go to eBay and begin your eBay account and configure your settings.

You want to configure tax tables, policies, and just overall set up your account to be successful.

List one item manually to your account and sell it to initialize your account.

2.) Learn The process of Selling

It is key that you get information from the best sources and only learn from people actually making money on eBay.

My favorite website that teaches the process of dropshipping on eBay is:

I actually reached out to the guy and he was a really cool dude.

One of my favorite videos by him is this one:

In it he discusses how the made $1,000 dropshipping on eBay his first month!

It took me about 6 months to become profitable but I was going off of bad information.

Like I said, it is crucial to get information from sources that actually make money to cut your learning curve.

Even as proof he made a video to showcase his earnings the month he did eBay:


Look for places link this to learn because you want to learn from people who have done what you want to do.

This blog will also be a great resource for you so rest assured, you are in good hands!

3.) Sell and Support Customers

This is crucial.

Without customer support your rating will suffer, your listings won’t rank and you will fail.

Make you always let the customer be right and allow them to leave happy.

Good reviews lead to a great eBay business in general.

So there you go, the top 3 tips I have for starting an eBay business and if you follow them you should do amazing!

Thanks for reading and next post is coming soon my friends, have a great week

3 Tips To Selling Quality Items On eBay

1. Use a lot of really proper pictures

satisfactory: They use clearly accurate snap shots – no longer blurry and not vintage-searching. They don’t should be ideal, however must display now not best the object however additionally that the object lives in a pleasant environment. I don’t care how much of a deal it’s miles – I’m no longer buying a fashion designer sweater that’s being photographed in a coal plant.
amount: They use plenty of images. if you’re buying something from an unknown eBay dealer, your self belief goes up with the number of actual pics of the item in query. One reader advised us her mystery changed into “lots of images. Use an out of doors app to control listings (i take advantage of garage Sale) and to upload pix in your very own server so you don’t need to pay eBay’s charges for added pix.”

2. Write whole descriptions and consider capacity buyers

Completeness: Fill out all of the fields in your listing, and make sure your textual description gives a number of records about the item. It’s simply silly no longer to, and yet so many dealers don’t try this. Laziness I wager? whatever the purpose, don’t be like them.assume like your purchaser – if I’m losing $2 hundred for an extraordinary ebook on eBay, I want to recognize each detail approximately it. I don’t care how mundane or maybe repetitive it is, I want each motive to have faith that my $2 hundred can be properly spent.
search optimization: Use focused keywords for your item name and description. You don’t ought to be a tech wizard for this. It’s as simple as asking yourself, what might a ability customer for this object kind into the hunt field? The extra intently your description suits that seek query, the extra seen your merchandise may be. If it’s a logo name factor, then human beings will probable be typing within the logo, no longer just the name of the item itself, so make sure to encompass the emblem –eg. [pottery barn queen duvet] as opposed to [queen duvet]. One reader advised us “Don’t misspell logo names” – who’s looking for Calfin Kline, anyway? Yeah, it’s apparent. but human beings nevertheless get it wrong.

3. Study what other sellers are doing

Is there a marketplace in your item? Taking five minutes to Google your item and learn its genuine market cost – on eBay AND on a gaggle of different e-commerce web sites – lets you promote it extra competitively due to the fact you’ll find out whether or not or now not there’s a marketplace in your object, you’ll see the proper charge, and you’ll figure out the right search key phrases to write into your list.

I love WordPress! This is really fun and I will publish some more posts in a few days, as for now bye!

How To Make A Full-Time Job Out Of eBay

So it can be confusing starting off selling on eBay but with these tips you will be able to make more money from it than your full-time job someday!

1) Sstart off selling whatever

while you’re first starting out on eBay, you just want to sell something you have mendacity around the residence. You’d be amazed at what is going for appropriate cash on eBay, especially if you wreck components up. let’s say your vacuum simply broke and also you changed it with a brand new one. you can literally make just as plenty cash promoting the oneselements off your vintage vacuum than your NEW VACUUM fee! totally no longer kidding! a person else won’t have the cash to exit and purchase a brand new vacuum, so that they purchase the elements off eBay and it saves them cash. they’re glad. you’re happy due to the fact together for a few elements, they simply sold you a new vacuum!

2) Watch your costs

shipping fees nowadays can ruin a business. It generally costs approximately $10-$20 to ship a box of some thing, depending on what it’s miles. That snow globe you concept changed into worthless and it sincerely offered for $30, with the aid of time eBay is carried out with you, you’ll have handiest profited $7. It’ll price 16% in eBay/Paypal prices, about $10-$13 to ship it and any other $five in miscellaneous materials.

3) Open an eBay store

if you want to have a a success business on eBay, you want a shop. There’s no going round it. there are such a lot of perks to having a store, one is that eBay promotes your save on search engines like google and yahoo, so that you’re getting loadsextra traffic than you’ll no longer having one. some other perk is that it automatically gives you credibility. Do you realizehow many instances are opened with eBay with the aid of fly-by-the-night scammers?

people need to reserve from someone who has extraordinary comments and has a shop. customers recognise you are taking this significantly and you have a reputation to protect. which means that if some thing is going wrong, you’ll stand through them. They experience more included and secure, so that you can actually charge extra than your competitors, up to 20% more, relying on what you’re selling. if you have 100% effective remarks with over 50 feedbacks and a store, I’d say go for 20%. You’ll get the sales over others who don’t have a shop or a hundred% effective feedback.

4) Discover things dust cheap to promote

if you don’t have numerous cash to paintings with, once more, study the Freebie section in Craigslist or on nearby facebook corporations. you may easily get backyard sale leftovers, scale back indicators and unfastened stuff all the time on there and promote what’s well worth money, and provide away or throw away what’s now not. assume it’s no longer really worth it? that is how I made my living the entire first 6 months once I commenced eBay. What clearly went properly for me turned into clothes. from time to time, I’d even resell the garments again on Craigslist separated out with the aid of sizes.

Say a person has 500 pieces of apparel, not anything is separated into sizes, you cut up the lot, sell it by means of size and make plenty of money. There had been instances wherein I’d even pay $15-$20 for a massive lot and make back $two hundred. equal factor with eBay. when you have a model, you may begin promoting them piece with the aid of piece and get lots extra than that. It just relies upon how a lot time you have.

With these tips you should be making money in no time selling on eBay!

Tips For Beginners New To Selling On eBay

eBay is one of the pinnacle 10 most trafficked websites at the whole internet, so it’s no surprise that after that pang of consumerist choice hits us, we head instantly to eBay. Auctions may be addictive, watching for that final 10 seconds as you vicinity you ultimate bid finding that ever elusive good buy!

Standard Tips

encourage remarks & Use a longtime Account

if you’re first gaining knowledge of how to promote on eBay and just beginning out, you’ve got zero recognition — so don’t go jumping in there looking to promote that $10,000 yacht. No-one goes to believe you — but.

start small, promoting reasonably-priced items that human beings are much more likely to take of venture on — then acquire as much comments and rankings as you may. make sure to follow up on bought objects with a message to the consumer asking for comments – and provide your very own.

recollect: purchasing items will even get you comments from the seller — and it’s vital you reciprocate in kind too. a good mix of each comments as a dealer and buyer is the satisfactory. The best exception i’d argue for starting a new account is in case your desire of username changed into particularly bad; “IM_A_SCAMMER” for instance.

Photos Are Vital

I still can’t agree with the wide variety of individuals who clearly put objects up on the market with out a photograph. most effective barely worse are horrendous low resolution blurry images taken on a very antique phone, however as a minimum that’s something. the first photograph is free — so use it!

in case you’re promoting something luxurious, then more pix can be possible, however otherwise do not forget making a picture montage with a free portraits app. That one loose picture may want to double up as 4 smaller pix! It is going with out pronouncing that your image must absolutely be of the only you’re selling, specially if it has marks or defects — don’t just find a comparable one on Google images.

Do Your Research On Competition

final selling charges for commonplace gadgets don’t actually vary that a good deal. Do your studies beforehand and also you’ll have an awesome concept of what bid your item must quit at, irrespective of a 99 cent starting bit. Use the superior seek feature, make certain completed listings is checked, and see what turns up. objects in green sold effectively, objects in pink did not.